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Gail M. Wolf

Promoting Literacy, Promoting Health and Culture of Safety

A Passion

Gail has a passion for prevention of poor literacy; promoting literacy and promoting health. For over a decade she has volunteered at a local YMCA preschool teaching children to read.

Through doctoral research, Gail found that poor early childhood literacy is linked to poor health, early school dropout, entrance into crime, and early mortality. Gail presents her research on early literacy and the connection to health and building a safe, diverse culture.

Gail has published on early literacy with the latest peer reviewed research appearing in the Early Childhood Education Journal

Wolf, G.M. (2016). Letter-sound reading: Teaching preschool children print-to-sound processing. Early Childhood Education Journal, 44(1), 11-19.
doi: 10.1007/s10643-014-0685-y

Gail just finished research with Salem, Oregon Bilingual Teachers at Mary Eyre Elementary School, showing first grade Latino children perform at a par and sometimes even better with use of linguistic texts.

My Speakers Sessions

Wednesday, January 17